Why Changing Your Ignition Module Matter


NOTE: It is a fix better left with an experienced mechanic, because replacing an ignition module can be very dangerous.

Has your vehicle started to sputter, stall, or be challenging to start? Have you ever tried each of the usual fixes: checking battery, checking the fuel line, adding a gas additive to rule out water in the fuel tank, and ensuring the spark plugs aren’t fouled?

Should your vehicle is actually an around-town car, do you have tried running it in the freeway for a time, just to blow out any carbon build-up in the engine? Any one of these things can cause a reduction in the starting and overall performance of your vehicle.

Maybe your ignition module should be replaced if you’ve considered all of these possibilities and had no luck. In case you aren’t knowledgeable about the ignition module, it is the intermediary device that, once you turn the true secret, transfers a signal from a sensor in the distributor to the ignition coil, which in turn makes the spark plugs fire. The ignition module could be inside the distributor itself, on the outside in the distributor, or inside the compartment. Some modules also adjust timing.

Once this component needs replacement, you’ll have many different symptoms to inform you that it’s time. Unfortunately, many of these symptoms are the same regarding other engine or component problems, so you might need to do a bit of your own automotive analysis to pinpoint this concern.

Before You Change the Ignition Module

Because the part (and the labor) at a mechanic’s shop can be so expensive, it is a great do-it-yourself project. The project involved is straightforward, relatively easy, and quick. It can save you a bundle of income on the markup for the part and all of the funds for the mechanic’s labor, by doing it yourself.

Saving money and expanding your automotive repair skill set are good things; however, for this job it’s important? specifically if you are with limited funds? that you are certain that the module is indeed the issue before you put money into the replacement module at the auto parts store. But if it turns out to never be the problem, in most cases a car parts supplier will allow a buyer to return an electrical part which has been opened.

Acquiring a Clear Diagnosis

You must test the ignition module, before beginning. There are a number of testing tools on the market to accomplish this. These tools are fairly expensive and therefore are not something you will grab often, however. This tool might not be the very best investment to your growing variety of tools if you’re not really a professional mechanic.

You can instead have the ignition module tested at an automotive repair shop. Once you have a correct diagnosis of a failing module, you can perform the replacement yourself.

If the mechanic informs you that there is a problem related to the module, but it is not the module itself, you will possibly not need a new part. Ask the mechanic to explain in detail the type of the malfunction and what the repair will entail.

When the vehicle’s issue is being the effect of a short within the ignition system due to contamination or buildup of salt or dirt on the surrounding areas, it might make better sense to have that issue repaired. It will probably be cheaper than changing the ignition module yourself.

Depending on the sort of electrical short, you might even replace the ignition module yourself, only to find that it doesn’t repair the trouble. Discuss almost every other issues outside a sure-thing failed ignition module together with your mechanic.

Parts and Tools You’ll Need

As a way to change your vehicle’s ignition module, Here’s a list of the parts and tools you’ll need:

Electronic testing unit for the ignition module, except if you have already gotten a definite diagnosis at a shop.

The service manual for the vehicle brand name.

Screwdrivers for the type of screws used to contain the module set up.

Pliers, wrenches, and any other tools required

Supply of shop rags.

Good overhead lighting.

Locating the Ignition Module

Consult the service manual to find out the exact location of the module. Most service manuals will have the schematic for the engine and will point you right to it, though because the ignition module is located within the distributor area, that’s the first place to begin looking.

Changing the Ignition Module

Follow these steps to modify your vehicle’s ignition module:

Disconnect the vehicle’s battery cables.

Using the diagrams in the service manual, locate the ignition module.

Disconnect the wires and remove the screws, ensuring that they are held in a safe place.

Remove any auxiliary components to reach the ignition module.

Remove any screws and wires connected to the ignition module and take away the old module from its housing.

Replace with all the new module, inserting it exactly as the existing one was placed.

Reattach any wires and screws leading to the ignition module, ensuring that none of the wires are loose, pinched, twisted and bent or showing signs of cracked insulation. Repair or replace any that appear to be damaged

Replace any other parts you needed to remove to reach the ignition module, also checking and repairing or replacing any worn wires.

Close any covers, replace any housing units, and make sure no wires are caught beyond any covers in the ignition module compartment.

Reconnect battery cable.

Close the hood, and check the ignition. The vehicle should start right up.

What To Expect With Wild Wide-Body Audi R8 V10

With a name that sounds like they make more adult films than cars, you’d expect a car from XXX Performance to be pretty wild.

And to say the least, the Audi R8 V10 they’ve modified to their own needs looks the part.

The Looks

Not everyone’s going to go crazy over the looks of this thing – but you can’t please everyone.

They’ve given the R8 V10 an almost entirely new body, as you can see, with their aggressive GT-X650 wide-body kit, then wrapped it in blue CFC chrome and fake carbon fiber accents.

At least you can get the side blades in real carbon if you want, even though they’ve also added a carbon-look wrap to the rear-view mirrors, roof scoops, side blades and rear diffusers – I’m not a fan of fake carbon, so I’m not all about that. And you probably want. After all, any real car enthusiast is going to be able to tell the difference between real and fake carbon fiber, and who wants their supercar accented with fake carbon?
You have to admit, the R8 looks pretty badass with a widebody kit.

In addition, they’ve lowered the car with H&R coilovers converted to air cushions that can be dynamically raised and lowered at the driver’s will and speedhump situation.

The wheel wells are filled up with 20-inch three-part GTR forged wheels from Forgiato.



You can’t have a car that looks like this and not beat a stock version off the line.

They’ve tuned the ECU, added a carbon air box, and performed a non-descript “several additional modifications” to bring the power from a respectable 525 hp to a Lambo-smoking 650 hp. Not bad, and I’m sure it sounds like a beast.
What about inside?

They didn’t release pics of the interior, so the image above is as close as we get for now.

That doesn’t mean they’ve left it alone inside, but I can’t say they’ve done much to it.

They mention in the press release that the interior is wrapped in leather and Alcantara, but to be honest, so is the stock R8. You get your choice – tell them what you want done to it and they’ll do it. That is i imagine what they mean.
What would have been cool to see in the flagship car (the one you see in these pictures) is create a crazy and wild interior that matches the exterior; blue and black leather seats, a blue Alcantara headliner and door frames, blue accents on the floor mats, and many of the interior pieces accented in blue.

Obsolete Car Features from the Past

The automotive marketplace is ever-changing as new innovations come along and push out the older ones. It is far from that a car cannot have all of these features, it is more details on the fact that new ones simply make older ones obsolete. They are clear improvements or better alternatives therefore it makes no sense to the old features which were, at one point, new and innovative themselves, to stick around.

1. Car phones

At one time when having a phone inside of the car was only available on the most costly premium models. Back then, it had been the only choice for people who wanted to talk when they were driving. This is a rear instance when an automotive feature was actually made redundant by a very different industry. With mobile phones becoming so popular and thus common in this particular short time, there simply is no need for an automobile to have a phone and no sensible person would pay extra for this feature.


2. Sunroofs

In the past, sunroofs were among the chief designations of a cool car. Drivers thought there is nothing much better than having the sun shine on them when they were behind the wheel. Except that now cars come with moonroofs that provide drivers with similar benefits, but without actually creating a hole in the car.

northamerica RX8

3. CD Player

Everyone still wants music within their cars, they simply don’t want to listen to CDs. It is about efficiency – one CD holds anywhere between 20 and 15 songs. One iPod can take thousands and it is smaller than a CD. The option is pretty clear.


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New Volvo Concept Estate Spreads Through The Web

The Volvo Concept Estate was scheduled to debut tomorrow but a batch of images hit the net today. The Swedish concept stands out because of the LED daytime running lights, alloy wheels, a dual-pipe exhaust system, new tailgate and a massive front grille.


This is basically a wagon version of your Concept Coupe, as its name suggests.

Volvo Concept Estate

Inside, the prototype benefits from wood trim, leather upholstery, a digital instrument cluster, a three-spoke steering wheel along with a special infotainment system.

Volvo denied to confirm if there will be any production version of this model soon but there’s undoubtedly that these concepts preview future design cues.

Using the Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, make sure you keep an eye on our blog for additional information on every one of the new models.

Cool Designs for Station Wagons

Stations wagons have been called a lot of things throughout the years: , family-friendly etc.economical and practical One thing that they can have not been called is “cool”. In fact, station wagons are generally labeled as being “boring” and merely fit for mothers and fathers who need the additional space. Manufacturers have been looking to do away with this stigma and create a new vibe for their new station wagons, one which would suggest they are more than simply family minivan-alternatives. Some of them have succeeded.

1. Chevrolet Malibu Maxx LT

The Chevrolet Malibu is really the concise explanation of no flash, no thrills efficiency. It can its job and it does it well and very few drivers actually find things to complain about. The Maxx is surely an extended version of the regular Malibu which kind of acts like a hybrid between a normal station wagon and a sedan: Longer than a sedan, although it is shorter than a wagon. It is even labeled as a 5-door extended sedan in order to avoid the association with station wagons.


2. Mazda6 Wagon

In order to make it appear sexier and more appealing, this is a wagon which relies entirely on the demand for the brand. The normal Mazda6 is actually a cool car so, by association, the wagon version is at least cooler than other station wagons due to its performance and sporty credentials.


3. Audi Allroad Quattro

It appears that all cool station wagons try to be hybrids of other kinds of vehicles. The Allroad Quattro is somewhere between a wagon along with a SUV and comes with the highlights of a luxury sedan so it offers luxury, performance and practicality in one package.


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What It Is Like With Mercedes Benz S Class

Benefit from the first look of the 2015 Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe and see how huge and gigantic it might be. This is supposed to be a perfect replacement for the outgoing CL-Class Coupe and the car is absolutely good from all of angles. Do not focus on the small wheels because this is is, wide and imposing more angular than the CL. There is a certain muscular stance that helps it to fit in nicely which gives the entire coupe a brand new look. Thus, great hulk is a beautiful 449 hp to 4.6liter bi turbo V8 that is largely found in the S- Class sedan. This is a perfect fit for this Mercedes and the coupe is good for providing you with the conveniences and comforts of your great car.


The Mercedes Benz S class Coupe has been caught very well with very little camouflage and has undergone winter testing in Sweden too. It has already been noticed in the Frankfurt Motor Show and has been spied from the S63 AMG trim, that is found near Nurburgring, which is a good replacement for the beautiful seven year old vehicle. It is to come in the later part of 2014. The beautiful Mercedes Benz classic coupe may have the best kinds of larger displacement petrol engines and has seven speed automatic transmissions.

Mercedes Benz S class Coupe

This Mercedes Benz highlights the main features of the car and the S-class sedans line up of petrol engines is made up of the 335 kw/700Nm 4.7 litre twin turbo V8 powered S500 and the main flagship S63 alongwith featuring its 430 Kw/900Nm 5.5 litre twin turbo V8 would make a good combination. The S-class Coupe would be S-class variant and would be given in S65AMG specification with all the drive in the Mercedes Benz 463kw/1000 Nm 6. litre twin turbo V 12.

The new Mercedes Benz S class coupe of 2014 is indeed a high quality supercars.

Ways to be the “Cool” Family

In school, we all probably knew that family. They were the ones who seemed to have the most awesome stuff and to get along the best. Everyone was popular and happy. The key to this isn’t just appearing to be better than everyone else, but to actually be happier and not to try to outspend everyone to seem superior.


Having a happy family life leads to everyone in that family being more secure. When everyone is more secure and confident, that shows to the outside world. Every family has problems and yours doesn’t have to be perfect. But by having some confidence and a positive attitude, perhaps your family will be able to overcome their obstacles a bit better. Keep a good sense of humor and try to recognize how everyone in the family has strengths and weaknesses.

One child may be very athletic; another may be better at music. Don’t enroll your kids in activities just for the sake of enrolling them in activities. Tailor the things your kids do to what it is that they love to do. When your kids are really good at something, they will be more confident in themselves and that will spread to everything else.


Don’t be afraid to have some fun once and a while. Sure, everyone else may have that mini-van or SUV, but think about getting a car that is a blast to drive and bee seen in like the Dodge Charger from Cerritos Dodge. The Charge is super fast with a 300 HP engine but still gets great gas mileage and will seat the entire family. Find out more about the Charge today by going to mcpeeksdodge.com.

Part of making the family appear happy to everyone else is to be happy on the inside as well. This means taking care of parent’s needs as well as kids. Make sure that you schedule time for each other and time to do individual activities. Don’t give up on date night or your hobbies just because you now have a family. Taking care of yourself will help everyone in the family.

Nissan Gives Out Yet Another Surprise With Its IDx

Nissan happens to be great at 2 things: Surprising men and women, and producing exciting/affordable cars for fans. They usually attempt their best to give the ideas to full production as opposed to teasing everybody, leading them endlessly on with rolling concept debuts. That is hard to do within a day and age where emission mpg and laws restrictions will be the lay in the land.


Nissan IDx Freeflow / IDx NISMO

Discordantly beautiful coupe at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show I immediately picked my mouth up away from the floor and re-dilated my pupils due to the fact I was going to not allow my hopes rise this high, when Nissan launched this furious looking, nevertheless. It was as well good to be true after all. We will definitely do one of them,” which caused me to lapse into daydreams of this auto whipping all around on suburban surface and roads streets where by it belongs, even though then both different versions of the IDx dropped through the Detroit Automobile Show and Nissan’s Vice President, Andy Palmer, was quoted saying “Don’t say that we won’t do both.

Each trims of Nissan IDx concept

The Nissan IDx concept arrived in two trims, the Freeflow and the Nismo edition. The Freeflow was hinted at sporting a 1.2 – 1.5 liter internal combustion engine, but the biggest letdown would be mounting it into a CVT potentially with paddle shift. The Nismo’d version alternatively was mentioned to be a turbocharged 1.6 liter engine, hopefully making around 200 hp. Palmer has not stated anything distinct about a guidebook transmission for that Nismo but confirmed these are of a RWD nature, rendering it comparable to the BRZ/FRS.

Nissan IDx Nismo concept

Mainly because of the old style stripes and numbers that the 510’s sported back in their Trans-Am rushing years, almost everyone appear to be comparing this car to the Datsun 510. To me it’s more reminiscent of the first technology Skyline GTR (PCG10) and the performance could fill in the space that the 240sx left.

BRE Datsun 510 1st Gen Skyline GTR Nissan 240sx Kouki

Sources from Nissan have said that the automobile has not been legally submitted for production, despite Palmer’s enthusiasm,. That is the bad news. Mobile phone-obsessed simpletons, re-enthused about autos, if they do go back into production he said that these cars are basically an effort to get this generation of glazed around! Good luck, Mr. Palmer.

IDx Nismo concept interior

This car is unquestionably Fast and Furious worthy and I’m confident we would all love to see it come to daily life. Once the production model is somewhat simplified it would be a fantastic looking car specially. So, more of a toast, although this article is less of a confirmation. Here’s to hoping that Nissan doesn’t give up on the enthusiast’s desires and is constantly surprise us with creation reality.

Safety Tip: Why Driving While Drunk Possesses Great Risk

With New Year’s Eve here, the majority of people will be preparing for a great night of celebration with their family and/or friends.

Due to the high consumption of alcohol that can take place on this night, each year the number of people who drink drive the next day increases.

This is because although you may think you are under the limit after a night of alcohol consumption, many people are in fact still well over the limit.


Don’t Take The Risk

Earlier this year a study carried out by the University of the West of England found that if you drive with a hangover this can be as dangerous as getting behind the wheel when drunk.

In a 20 minute driving simulation, the study found that participants with a hangover made significantly more mistakes than those who had not consumed alcohol the night before.

‘Shop a Drink Driver’ Campaign

Police stopThis research comes at a time when a number of Police forces in December have been offering a cash reward to members of the public who report culprits.

The campaigns, which has seen posters put up in pubs and clubs, highlight that the charity Crimestoppers will pay up to £1,000 for information from the public which leads to an arrest and charge.

Stop Drinking With Plenty of Time to Spare

If you are driving the next day, stop drinking early enough in the night so that the alcohol has enough time to leave your system. Do not get behind the wheel of a car that same night.

In general, alcohol is removed from your blood at around one unit per hour – although this may vary person to person and the rate will slow down when you are asleep.

Have a good New Year, but more importantly stay safe on the roads.

Incredibly Popular Viral Videos that Feature Cars

Viral videos have become part of our daily lives now that it is so easy and fun to share clips with other people on the internet. As you would expect, this has led to the appearance of many popular clips which have been seen millions of times and many of them feature cars. Here are some of the best.

1. Volvo test crash fail

This was meant to be a PR stunt where Volvo would showcase the revolutionary automatic brakes featured on the C60. The goal was to have the car stop automatically right before colliding with a parked truck. Obviously, the video would not have went viral if that is exactly what happened. Instead, the Volvo C60 plows straight into the truck with no sign of stopping, right in front of the entire media which was called to film the event.


2. Russian Dash Cam Videos

These have become so popular that they have developed into an entire subgenre of viral videos. Apparently, a lot of accidents and other crazy things happen on the road of Russia and most drivers, for insurance purposes, have dash cams. Many of them have now taken to uploading their driving exploits on the web for others to enjoy.


3. Jeremy Clarkson Ariel Atom Test Drive

Jeremy Clarkson already presents the most popular motoring show in the world so there really is no need for his videos to go viral in order to receive lots of attention. However, his test drive with the Ariel Atom featured on Top Gear did just that due to the hilarious effects that the windshield-less and incredibly fast Atom had on the presenter’s face while driving at max speed.


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